Tuesday, April 12, 2011

DIY: knot-tee-cal

...Because nothing says summer like a nautical knot (and hot sunny days, and coconut water, and many other things indeed).

I will most likely wear this pretty blue "knot-tee" with my coral & plumbing fitting necklace...
This white rope was "allocated" for another job, but things don't always go the way you'd like... 
I couldn't stand the idea of that pretty white cotton rope that didn't make it onto my grey shirt, and since I'm fascinated about these nautical knots, I decided I would give it a shot. 
If you like knots and would like to learn to make some, this is your guy, virtually, at least.
I thought about making my knot tutorial, but why bother to make something bad when youtube is a mine full of gems? 

Some youtube browsing later, I decided that my daily challenge would be the triangle celtic knot... I ended up being successful, so why not making another one!
After the knots are done, everything else is a real piece of cake:
* pin your triangles in place 
* sew them onto your t-shirt. 
If you sew along the twisting of the rope (sewing stitches that looks like...: ///) your stitches will be completely invisible. Easy peasy.

Since I used 5 ft of rope for each knot, I had quite a bit leftover.

* I ended up sewing around the neck opening of my shirt 
* twisting together on one side
* wrapping the end of the ropes with thread to prevent unravelling

* for the back, I just wrapped the two ends together right in the middle
* Knot-tical bravo!


Like it? make it yourself!!
--> all you need:
* t-shirt with a scoop neck
* 10 ft cotton rope
* white thread and needle
* scissors
* including measuring, knotting, re-dos ...about 1 hour at the very very most

xox, d. 

keep in touch! 

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