Monday, April 11, 2011

i heart antonio marras

One of my favorite designer is Antonio Marras.
I'm not being partial because he's italian, or because he is from beautiful island of Sardinia (which is where I would like to spend at least 7 months/year) or because his garments are a joy of  embroidery work and beading, or because he is a genius... 
It's all of the above.

As much as I like him, and I would love to buy all of his clothes, all I own from his maison is a small sterling silver ring that I purchased during Milan Fashion Night Out in 2009: extra bonus... he wrapped and handed it to me.
But everything else is waaaaay out of my budget.

Back to diy... I would love to diy almost all of his pieces (or to have all of the originals, duh).
When I saw this g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s I'm Isola shirt (the "cheap" line of his)I couldn't help it but love it.
Again, this shirt was in my BBE (before blogging era), so I don't have any step-by-step pictures, but I'll try to explain the process.
I'm Isola Marras SS2011 $270

--> What you need:
* white t-shirt
* fabric paint
* paintbrushes: a wide 1" flat one, a medium 1/2" flat one and a round tip small one
* a water soluble marker

--> The process
* draw with the water soluble marker 4 vertical and 4 horizontal lines: this will became your plaid,
* draw some circles more or less where you would like the flowers
* I started with the beige large plaid, very watery color, a wide flat paintbrush and long strokes... and let it dry.

NOTE: this shirt isn't complicated at all, but it's wise to let the colors dry before painting over with another color, so there are few downtime in between steps.

* Now same idea, with the blue, and a smaller paintbrush - let dry
* Now paint the thin lines in burgundy - let dry

TIP: if your lines aren't completely filled with color, looks even better (in my opinion)...

* these are actually circular spots with lots of paint and wider circles with a dry paintbrush. 
* when is almost dry, pass over in a circular motion with some water, the paint will bleed around just like a watercolor.

oh, I heart you, Antonio...

xox, d.
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