Sunday, April 10, 2011

a gine's week-end

My BFFs came all the way up to NYC to visit. 
Last year I moved and since then it has been only skype, facebook, phone and emails.
Although we don't look exactly like the girls in Sex and the City, that was the mood of our week end.
And there were four of us, just like in the popular sitcom, and there were just about the same amount of laughters, tears, hugging, eating, coffee and last but certainly not least, chatting. 
Boy, we can talk.
My throat is raw, my voice is all squeaky now, but boy, we had fun.

Come back again soon, girls, we need to do this more often. 


p.s.: "gina - plural gine"  is a popular way italian girls call themselves to make fun of each other!
So yes, this sign was the only crafty thing I made during this week end!

xox, d.
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