Friday, April 1, 2011

flowers for the black thumb

Although I love plants and flowers, I don't do well with them.

So, after being sick of mourning after dead young sprouts I thought I would leave the green stuff alone and quit.

Anyway: paper flowers are the answer for me, and this in the craft world is no big deal, especially after the birth of the silhouette machine (which I still don't have... birthday wish list)

I bet in the crafty world this tutorial is pretty well known, right?
I went exactly with it step-by-step, using pages of ads in magazines, trying to get the pages that had bright colors on both sides, and only few of them that had words.
Because magazine's paper is much thinner than regular paper, the flowers came out much smaller of the one in the tutorial... so I came up with a plan B.
This is my take:

--> What you need:
* paper wrapped stem wire in brown 2 packs = 12 stems (Michaels)
* the faithful glue gun
* snips
* old magazines
--> How to doityourself:
* follow the mentioned tutorial, and make lots of paper flowers (72 btw)
* cut the stems: some in half, some not in the middle
* glue one little bud to another
* and onto another
* give it a good amount of glue in the middle of the 3 buds and place the stem
* wait until cools down
* keep going for 23 more and you made yourself your paper bouquet!

Now that I have all these colorful ones I would like also some with book pages, and maybe some with music sheets,  ... I better get a silhouette....

xox, d.


  1. ....e brava la Doni !!! Fiori stupendi! Mi sa che è meglio che impari anch'io a farli... saranno sicuramente più "vivi" loro delle piante che languono in casa mia !!! ...oltre che più belli!!

  2. This is really cool! I'm hosting my first link party today and would love it if you'd come over and link this

  3. Thanks Jacqueline! I just did!

  4. I loooove paper and fabric flowers too. These are great!

  5. this is such a cute idea!! i love all of the colors!! thanks for linking it up :)

  6. Thank you, at least these colors will stay for a while ;)

  7. Super cute! I just made some button flowers if you want to have a peek at more 'alternative' plant options.

  8. Hey, Michelle, you're saving my life! and some innocents real flowers :)

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