Wednesday, April 27, 2011

bows everywhere

I made this t-shirt last summer.
This it's not a knockoff, I swear, I have several eye witnesses!!


I simply marked my t-shirt with dots 2" apart in a polka dot pattern and sew a the silky thread cord through, while pulling a little to ruffle the fabric just a bit, and tie a bow. 
...and repeat - repeat - repeat... 

--> TIPS  for making the perfect "polka dot effect"
I initially figured to just get my ruler and start mark the shirt: between the fact that the shirt is stretchy and it is not a perfect geometric shape, this turned to be a pain in the neck.
So, what I did wast to take a piece of square grid paper, mark with a sharpie the dots at the right perfect distance, and place it inside my shirt, starting in the center of the shirt and mark the dots.
By moving the piece of paper around, match the dots that you have already marked and keep going... the dots will be always in the perfect position and will speed the process a lot!

I wanted the full effect, so yes it took quite some time; but even if it is a simple white t-shirt, the effect of the bows in motion while you walk (or dance, even better!) it's quite unique.

...and then I found that "see by Chloé" made a knockoff!!... oh, well, I'm not going to sue :)
see by Chloé $330

xox, d.

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  1. You are crazy patient. Fantastic job.

  2. This is gorgeous! I think I need to go buy at plain T-shirt and spice it up with some little bows. Thanks so much for sharing. I love it!

  3. Nice! Even better than polka dots.

  4. Yours is a ton cuter. How does it wash? Just wondering. You are an original!!

  5. Wow! I bet that took a lot of time! But it's cute!!

    Thanks for stopping by and linking up!


  6. Yours is WAY cuter! I saw the "knockoff" and I was like, EW! I <3 the black white combo you did!What kind of material did you use for the bows?

  7. thanks!! (i like my version better, too!) the material for the bows is a silky (polyester!!) sort of braided yarn (i bought in italy, don't have the brand here). it will unravel, so i had to tie a knot at both ends (i know... i'm a nut case)

  8. This is great - so much better than Chloe's version!

    Visiting from Debbie's newbie party

    Lakota x

  9. Hi Donatella~

    Super cute top!! Found your creative blog via Debbiedoo's & happy to be a new follower. :) I invite you to link to my fun & inspiring blog bash K.I.S.S.

    Drop By The Tattered Tag

  10. This is such a super cute idea. Your top looks so good.


  11. That looks gorgeous!! So much better than the $300 one! ;)
    Thank you so much for linking up to {nifty thrifty sunday}!
    I hope to see you again this week!
    Vanessa @ {nifty thrifty things}

  12. Your version is wayyy better! This design is so unique, too!


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