Tuesday, April 26, 2011

big pendant - quick fix

My husband brought back from one of his trips this amazing amethyst pendant. 

Consider these facts: I looooove amethysts, I love big chunky pendants, and I love raw stones. 
He hit the spot not one but three times! 
Ever since I had this (it's being about 3 years, I believe) I'm been wearing it with some cords or leather cords necklaces... not that I didn't like the result, but I wasn't completely happy with it, either.
On Easter Sunday, (was such a pretty day here in NYC) I decided to wear a purple cotton wrap top and my big, chunky, raw amethyst... ... Tried it on with the cord... neeeeh. 
... Tried it on with the leather cord... neeeeh.
Guess what I had in my ribbon stash? 

- some violet satin ribbon - I believe it was part of the wrap of a present :)
- some light lavender organza
- some random purple mesh ribbon
- then I remembered that for some past projects (one of the very many) I had some purple beads
- 2 split rings 
- and I can never run out of clasps... 

I made:
- 1 strand of purple-ish tube beads
- 2 strands of purple beeds
- 2 strands of satin violet ribbon
- 3 strands of the random purple mesh ribbon
- 6 strands of light lavender organza 
Wrapped all around the split rings and sew and fray checked the tails, and...

About 15 minutes later...
... what do you think?
Me? I love my raw amethyst even more now!

update p.s.:  to keep the "twisty" look, I  wrapped it really tight and heated with my hairdryer, and let cool down.
when I put it on, I twist it more than I would like, close the clasp on my neck and will untwist just enough !

xox, d.

will link to these parties *<:)
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