Friday, April 29, 2011

DIY knot belt: 3 yr of rope

A functional knotted belt 

What could you make if you had let's say 3 yard of rope laying around?
... a belt! Right answer! 
I made this knot, and simply glue gunned the two end tails of the rope onto two end cups with a little ball charm. the end. 

Easy, with lots of effect!

The knot could be a little intimidating, just place your rope on a table, tape it down in the middle so you'll be able to have some grip, and work slowly in front of your monitor... pausing a lot. Yes, I started over quite few times, but the whole thing took me in any case less than 30 minutes! 

...and love this navy and white twisty rope.

I love ropes in general, you got it!

xox, d.
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