Saturday, April 9, 2011

another function of a zipper

... Remember these?
Well, first of all I need to brag a little because Outi was kind enough to mention my tutorial in her post.

Well, these pants were originally some plain, blue, cropped pants.

After sewing on all the zippers I love them. ...except: I wasn't too thrilled about that cropped length, way too cropped. 

As often enough happens, I ended up using my seam ripper on the hem, and since the pants had already few washes before the refashion, there it was, the nasty discolored hem line.

My plan was including yet another zipper, two, to be exact: one on each side ;)...

--> doityourself:
* measure the circumference of the hem line of your pants
* get your zippers and if you can't find the exact size... follow my tutorial here 
leave a little more extra ribbon on
* bast your zippers in a way that will hide that ugly hem line, by leaving the zipper pull on the outside of your legs
* sew the top part first and the bottom part while hemming the little extra fabric (if any) of your pants 
* I just gave your pants that extra 1-1/2" length!
xox, d.

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  1. That could be really cute on a skirt too!

  2. sure, with a longer zipper or a series of zippers one next to each other!

  3. WOW! Great idea! And yes, I do remember that look!!

  4. Cuteness there! I love those platform shoes!

  5. :) these wedges are my faves (for the past 3 years now!!) !!

  6. What a cute and fashionable addition to pants. I stopped by to say thanks for visiting blog post about my duck and I find a super cute idea for pants. Thats a Win, Win in my book.
    I posted part two of Dilly's story last night so you can read it any time.
    Thanks again

  7. I am loving these zips! xXx

  8. @ traci: I just read about dilly's learning to swim :)
    @ jem: thanks ! these pants make a nice noise while you walk in them! :)

  9. SO, so cute! And I just LOVE those shoes!


  10. What a great idea!!!! And I have seen your other posts as well, lady you are very crafty and talented! You inspired me to do my own, thank you for sharing!
    I am popping in from Debbie's party! Have a happy Tuesday :)

  11. They look really cute! Thanks for sharing.


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