Thursday, April 7, 2011

accessorize the accessories

If the trees around us get all pretty and put up their spring dress, why shouldn't we?
And why shouldn't our purses and handbags?
Following my pledge (I'm crossing my fingers behind my back) that I would finish my current project(S) before get more supplies for the new one, and eventually make something out of what I already have (enough) to try to reduce my stash, I did well.
I mean: really well.
I didn't buy anything because I had everything on hand: bits and ends that, I'm positive, you have here and there as well.

I ended up making lots and lots of tiny things, in very little time, and I'm quite happy with the results.
... Nothing like a swiveling charm to make your purses charmed.

What I used:
* lobster clasp (hint: dollar store dog leash)
* spring ring (you can use two if you want to use your charm also as a keychain)
* scraps of leather from previous projects
* broken jewelry and lonely earring
* beads & wood beads
* washers (home depot mon amour, again)
* old charms (yes is a Statue of Liberty on the blue one) 
* leather cord
* short pieces of chain
* & the usual: glue, pliers, scissors...

and the more you look at it, the more you want.
BTW: I've just learned to knot the monkey fist... in case you're wondering...
I've got carried away, indeed.

xox, d.

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