Tuesday, March 29, 2011

DIY: i-cord coral embellishment or necklace

I swear, no coral were harmed during the making of this post.

Last week I've treated myself with a new toy: the Caron Embellish-Knit! Machine Kit spool knitter, and I'm playing with it quite a bit!

Today I'm refashioning a tank top (in good hope that the temperature will eventually rise in NYC and be able to wear it soon).

I bought an aqua color tank top, and when I think aqua, I think ocean - when I think ocean, I think coral... yes, it's a one way street for me.

All you need:
- a tank top or a t-shirt
- the Embellish Knit! spool knitter
- some red cotton yarn
- a tapestry needle
start by measuring the circumference of the neck opening: in my tank top it's about 29" (not stretched)

Now, the fun part: start making the spool knit!
(you can also make this all project without the spool knit, by hand knitting an icord, although this means that you would take much longer to complete your shirt)

I made (measurements are approximate: have you ever seen a branch of coral with a ruler?) 
-  1 cord of 31" length,
-  5 cords of 4" length,
- 10 cords of 3" length,
-  5 cords of 1-3/4" length,
- 20 cords of something between 3/4" and 1" length,
this is only a small part of it, and looks pretty messy...
Sorry, but now it's about the slightly long and tedious part (but it will be worth it, I promise!) - turn on your favorite music, and grab your tapestry needle.

* start by linking one of the 4" or the 3" cord onto the 31" one, (at about 4" from the beginning of the cord)by hand sewing the 4 open stitches. Make sure you have secured all 4 of the open stitches, so it won't unravel.
* wave in and cut the remaining yarn
* now take one of the 1" cord and link it onto the 4" one.
* ... and another 1" cord onto the other side
* ... and another 1" cord right in the middle of what looks like a "Y"
* weave in the tais on the top of the cords  
see? you've just terminated your first coral branch!

* and repeat, again and again... leaving  random lengths in between your coral branches 
* remember: it's random, so there's no right or wrong.

...a couple of hours later, you should get to something like this:

it's almost done!
* pin your knitted coral onto the shirt
* try the shirt on and make sure that it-looks-just-perfect
* using the same yarn, hand sew the coral on the shirt 
I decided to leave some parts "free", without sewing them onto the shirt, to give it more of a 'floating' feel.

The FRONT (with my - of course - coral silver pendant) 
After having this shirt for awhile, I decided to remove the coral embellishment from it, and use the coral branch as a necklace, just adding a clasp and a ring to the ends... the result is way much more versatile, and I can wear it more often!

xox, d.

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