Friday, March 25, 2011

ocd - obsessive coral dependency pt.2

it's that bad. and it's only getting worse.

last year I had a wonderful trip to thailand, and I couldn't resist myself from taking few pieces of coral from the beach. (I know I shouldn't have done it, my bad) 

last week, finally, we had a few days of warmish weather and I used a piece of coral to create a very summer-like necklace (of course, ever since that few days, it has been raining and snowing in nyc).

here's the necklace that hasn't been outdoor yet. 

if you are a bad person like me and happen to have a piece of coral, or if you have any other kind of pendant that you would like to wear, here's what you need: 
- 3 yr of rope
- a "T" copper fittings (home depot plumbing dept mon amour)
- a scrap piece of leather
- a copper clasp (@ Michael's)
- thread and needle
...and the diy weapon of all times: the glue gun.

start by making a small loop on one side of your rope with one part of the clasp and wrap it with a strong matching thread.
keep wrapping and stitching for about 1/2".

now, decide how long you want your necklace; mine is 17".
mesure 17" from the loop that you've just made (don't include the clasp in your measure) and make another loop, with the other part of the clasp, and DO NOT cut the excessive rope (a lot of it).
once the loop is nicely secured, start to coil the rope onto the 17" length, and keep coiling until the end of the necklace, the secure the rope wrapping it with the thread and stitch it.
now, slip your T copper fitting onto the necklace.
cut a small, piece of leather about 1/4" high and wrap it around the base of your pendant with some glue.
when the pendant fit tightly into the copper fitting, get your weapon glue gun and secure the pendant into the fitting.
run outside and do the sun dance, so you can show it off!

xox, d.

Hope Studios
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