Friday, March 25, 2011

ocd - obsessive coral dependency pt.1

yes, I am.
I am OCD (just a mild case, ehm ... cough) and, in a more severe way, I have an obsessive coral dependency.
How can somebody dislike coral, anyway?

last year I remodeled the powder room, and I decided to go coral.

here what I did:
- made a shade for the ceiling light
- painted two linen towels
- made a candle holder
- painted another candle holder 
- painted the trash can

wanna see?

- the shade for the ceiling light:
take an ikea metal box, draw the design and cut it out 
(my inspiration: the ALESSI mediterraneo). 
TIP: use the appropriate disasters preparedness kit (home depot mon amour): snips, gloves and goggles.
still, I've got blisters and cuts all over my hands.
smooth the edges with some sandpaper, prime it and spray it in the color of your choice. mine? coral red, of course. 
- the linen towels:
first, got some linen towels.
I drew the maxi coral branches first on paper, then with a water soluble marker I traced the drawing onto my towels, and painted (I used the fabric paint pebeo setacolor).
leave to dry for 24 hours, iron on the wrong side of the fabric and hand wash to remove any leftovers of the marker.
the towels are machine washable on a gentle cycle, and I don't put them in the dryer.
- the candle holder:
take a tin cylindrical box (mine was, again, an ikea one)
draw your design
cut it out
prime it
spray it
place a candle inside and light it!
- the other candle holder:
I broke the lid of a sugar bowl
since nothing get thrown away in my world (I also have a mild case of hoarding...), I painted the bowl using the Pebeo Porcelaine 150, you can paint over a finish porcelain and bake it the home oven at 300F for 30 minutes, easy peasy.  

- the trash can:
again... an ikea plain trash can
cut out on a piece of paper the shapes of the coral, like a stencil, and spray painted.
xox, d.
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