Monday, March 28, 2011

macramé (neon nylon cord) jewelry

I did say that this neon color nylon cord thing is addicting...


This macramé knot is very easy, it called cobra knot.
Since I learned myself how to make it on youtube by somebody that has better video skills that I could ever imagine, check this cobra stitch tutorial .

Now for the fun and fashionable part of the process:

--> the ingredients:
* nylon neon color cord
* matching color thread 
* chain about 1 ft
* 2 big clasps 
* 2 end caps 5mm
* 2 headpins
* 4 split rings 7mm
* a safety pin
* round nose pliers, scissors, needle and some fire...and your glue gun.

I made the bracelet using two strands of cord to make it bulkier. mine it's 8" long (turned out being a bit big for me, but will be fixed!)
*Follow the same method as mentioned here to burn the edges
*stitch the tails of the knot hiding inside the knot itself 
Don't stitch the strands of the inner side of the knot, just melt the edges, and sew them tight together so that you'll ended up having two ends.
* take one headpin and pass it into the end cap (head inside the cap)with the help of the pliers make a loop and wrap it so it won't open loose.
* repeat with the other end cap & headpin.
* shoot some glue on the two strands and slip onto the end cups.

* spread apart the two loops, like in the picture

* connect the clasps using the split rings
* connect the split rings also to the loop on the end cap

* connect the chain to one of the split ring of one the clasp 
* slip the safety pin into the other end of the chain
* start weaving the chain in and out (I left the chain loose between each pass) 
* keep going until you reach the other side 
* weave the chain around the two strands at the end
* using the matching thread, stitch the last ring of the chain to the cord
* remove the excess glue!
 xox, d.

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