Tuesday, March 22, 2011

it's a royal blue craving pt.1

royal blue is one of these things: either you like it, or you hate it. 
and I used to hate it. 
later, I don't exactly know what happened, but looking at all these spring collections and their popping colors, I changed my mind. 
I'm not ready to say that I love royal blue, but I definitely like it, if within reason.

this re-fashion takes inspiration from the FW2011 collection of  rag and bone: 

Rag and Bone Fall 2011 Show (Photo credit: Vogue.com

so what I did, I simply figured out that I indeed had a pair of pants of a fabric pretty much like these... which were in my closed un-used for the past 5 (five years) at least.

this is a close up of the fabric of my old pants(I know, vintage sounds better, but these are just OLD!):

what I did: with a seam-ripper I un-did the inner seams, pinned a royal blue grosgrain forming three lines, with the lower one just above my knees, and sewed the grosgrain to the pants using my sewing machine (slowly, and straight!) and a dark grey thread (I tried with the matching royal blue thread, but the grey looked better). 
next, sew the inner seam.
at the top, I had a key chain which didn't get much use, so I sew about 5 inch of grosgrain in a vertical line and made into a loop and added the hook of the keychain.


since I had some grosgrain left, I used it to create ties at the ankles, by sewing the grosgrain and leaving about 4 inch on the outer side of the leg, adding two D rings on the front. 


love my 'new' 5 years old pants now!!

xox, d.
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