Wednesday, March 30, 2011

infinity sailor's knot bracelet

When i saw this tutorial on etsy I knew it was about to happen.

What I didn't know at that moment was that I wasn't going to use the nautical rope (which it's sitting in my stash, but already allocated for another project, stay tuned...), but I would have given another ride to my spool knitter.
UPDATE: making this bracelet using a knit instead of rope will make it stretchy, which means that you can take it off (a.k.a. will not give you rheumatism on your wrist by having a wet thing on your wrist for hours after a shower..)

So, here where all started: 
* one ball (well, part of it, it's a leftover) of off white cotton, 
* and the tapestry needle (actually I used three needles, but a needle and two toothpicks will do)

the tutorial stated that you need 3.5 yr of rope: given the fact that my wrist is waaaaay smaller of a soup can, I felt comfortable to spool knit about 3 yr,  and took me about 45 minutes (I don't even want to think about hand knitting something like that in an icord)
weave the open stitches just in order to prevent the unravelling, but keep in mind that you will need to open up these stitches again, I just pass the needle through and left the tail on. 
and I started following the tutorial on etsy, my perfect wrist size: my glue magna-tac bottle (why am I not surprised?)
...and braided my glue bottle until I've got the three rounds done. 

now comes the fun part: instead of having a bulky, big knot by tying  the two parts of the rope:
* open the stitches that you secured at the very beginning
* also take the other side of the rope and unravel what are your first stitches on the knitting spool
* you will have to parts with open stitches 
* unravel all the extra rope on both sides until you have just enough to connect the two parts, in my case about 1/2" on each side
* take the tapestry needles or the two toothpicks and slide your stitches on, like on knitting needles.
* keeping the two side of the cords on the right side facing each other
* sew the two ropes together using the mattress stitch: I tried to take pictures, but because of the color and the size of the work, it didn't work out, but I found a nice tutorial here.
* now I'm happy to make a knot and wave the tails in with only one tiny strand of yarn.

The infinity sailor knot bracelet just made it onto my wrist!
Extra bonus: using the knit instead of a regular rope makes it very soft and stretchy!

xox, d.

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