Saturday, March 26, 2011

funnel neck blue mohair sweater

The knitter nation knows that there is nothing more rewarding than a fast knit, right?

So this one is no exception, with the benefit that will leave all your friends in awe, so you'll feel even double rewarded!

All started when I found these unbelievable beautiful pieces of knitted art from Frank Tell...

Frank Tell FW2010 hand knitted sweaters 

...I mean... These 3 guys had perfection written all over!

You know it's your lucky day When you open your craft closet and you find a cone of kid mohair that you completely forgot about it, and it's exactly the color you're dreaming about! ...btw, this mohair was sitting in a corner wrapped in its plastic bag for almost two decades. Time to wake up, baby!

...and the knitting saga began.

The base of this sweater is an "A" shape reverse stockinette plain sweater.
You can also take a shortcut and use a plain sweater, and simply make the embellishment, you decide.
...I went the knitting way and used 4 1/2 mm needles.


I made a 1:1 ribbing of about 1" and then worked all the way in reverse stockinette.

Once your sweater is done, making the funnel neck requires a circular needle 4 1/2 mm, cast on about twice as many stitches that you have for your neck opening, and start with 1" of 1:1 ribbing and go on with the reverse stockinette for about 12", calculate how many stitches you need to decrease to get to the right amount of stitches for your neck opening, and
decrease 1 stitch at the beginning of the row and 1 in the middle of the row for how many times you need, keeping into consideration that you need to reach your neck opening at about 10" or 11" length.
Keep knitting for the last 1" or 2" without decreasing and then either bind off or sew the open stitches to your neck opening.
Sew together the sweater, and start getting creative with the embellishments!


What I did:
- bought 1 ball of chunky wool in decreasing shades of baby blue
- bought 1 ball of ruffle yarn in light blue (type ruffle yarn knit or onda to see what you can make with it, it's cool!)
- With the leftover of the mohair from the sweater I made a ball using 4 threads, and made a never ending crochet chain with it.
- also made 6 pompons, 3 about 1-1/4" diameter, and 3 about 3/4".

This is a totally random job, so there's no right or wrong.
I used both the chunky wool and the ruffle yarn for this. (I used the chunky wool for making smaller loops and the ruffle yarn for bigger loops).
Starting from the bottom of the sweater, I made loops around my hand, about 7 or 8 for the most, pull them out of my hand holding one side of the loops, without paying attention to the exact size of the loops, since the random, the better, and hand stitched in the designated spot, leaving the two tails hanging loose.

With the crocheted chain, I stitched down in the designated spots shaping (again, randomly) the number 8 for number of times.

Then stitch down your pompons.
This is mine, after being already hand washed 5 or 6 times, because yes, it was definitely my #1 favorite for the winter!

xox, d.
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