Thursday, March 31, 2011

chemistry: A+

I liked chemistry back in school.
... honestly I don't know if I really liked the complicated part of these lines and symbols and numbers on the blackboard or the appeal was all about messing around with this thin glassware in the lab...

Anyway, it's driving me crazy that I'm not able to find the source of the design vase that I'm going to replicate today, but it looked pretty much exactly like this :

(except for the fact that the belt was in a different color) 
I was looking at it in the window and I couldn't stop thinking that this baby was screaming DIY ME!

So, the "buy it now" button on ebay has been clicked again for : 
1 lot of 30  "test tubes glass" 7" tall and 1 lot of 20 "test tubes glass" 6" tall.

If you have a double ring style belt, you are pretty much done, otherwise stay with me...

--> You need:
- 1 yr of cotton webbing 1" (I used nylon but it's a bit slippery, so cotton will do best)
- matching color thread
- 1" D rings x 2  (Michael's - Joann)
- 50 test tubes 
- fire
- scissors

--> let's make it:
* cut one side of the webbing perfectly straight
* cut the other side in a 45° angle 
* melt the edges so it won't fray 
(if you're using the cotton webbing just fray check it)

* get the two D rings and slide the straight part of the webbing inside them, fold and pin at about 1"  
* sew it down with few stitches 

*lay down your new belt (this is 2 diy for the price of 1!!) with the wrong side up 
* adjust the test tubes on the belt, some looking up, and some looking down (if you understand what I mean..)

* pass the webbing through the two D rings 
* pass the webbing back onto the top ring........

DONE, now just add some H20!!! 
xox, d.

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