Thursday, March 24, 2011

agate slice crochet jewelry

Brook&Lyn agate slice jewelry DIY

every since I saw this post, I've became moderately increasingly obsessed with these brazilian agate slices jewelry... yes, I felt pretty stoned: to the point that I decided to make some on my own. 

like many of my project paths, my trip began on the 'buy it now' at ebay, I'm warning you, it's time consuming because there are so many possibilities, colors, shapes, you name it, since every slice is one of a kind.

...and few days later my package arrived...

...and I made these... and more.

it's quite time consuming, but if you want to make one too, here's   the way I do it:

--> supplies:

* agate slice
* thin tan cotton yarn 
* crochet 
* clear tape 
* nose pliers
* 2 headpins
* 2 end cups
* 2 beads
* strong glue
* needle & thread
* about 3 yr of rope (can be the upholstery type or nautical or any kind of rope of your taste)

--> the how-to / tutorial:

start by crocheting enough chain stitches so that the length of your chains will be just enough to wrap your agate tight.

with a slip stitch, make a loop and start working in circle crochet 1, chain 1, skip 1, crochet 1 until the end of the loop.

for the 2nd row, do the same, but skip 3 stitches approximately every 1/3 of the loop, so that your loop will begin to get smaller.
and for the 3rd row, 3 or 4 more stitches.
your work should look something like this:
with a slip stitch, pass your work surface on the other side of the loop, so you can start crocheting the other side of the agate slice, following the same pattern.
stretching a little, you should be able to wrap the crochet around your agate.
eventually, do another row decreasing some more stitches until you feel comfortable that the agate won't slip out.

now, for this particular piece, chain 20 stitches and make an extra loop with a slip stitch on the point that you want to be the top part of your pendant.
with the same: crochet 1, chain 1, skip 1, crochet 1 etc, crochet 3 rows around this loop always slip stitching the loop into the main crochet of the agate slice.


now: take the rope, folded in half and wrap it around your agate slice just like in the picture, and start hand sewing the rope to the crochet around the agate slice. 
I prefer to go around it twice, because... better safe than sorry.

almost done! 
now let's finish the two sides of the rope:
take the headpin and the bead and make a loop on the top.
on the top of your rope wrap tight some tape and trim it, so that the rope won't fray, then put a big drop of glue on the fresh cut rope.
then, with a strong thread, sew the end of the rope to go through the end cup and the loop of the bead.
it is a little messy because of the glue, but keep sewing few times back and forth.
clean the glue residues :)


wear it like this:
...or this:
xox, d.
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