Thursday, December 29, 2011

and you can vote :)

UGG Art&Sole 2011 is open!!

click  on this link if you want to vote for moi!!! 

thank you!!!
xox, d.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

inside-out houndstooth

While running last-minute errands 
and going nuts while moving... 
I couldn't help but stopping in for a "quickie" at Daffy.

It was sort of a good-bye thing, I wasn't looking for anything, just a "Hi and Good-bye" to the store that always made me happy finding clothing gems.

And I saw something that got my attention, it looked pretty much like this.

I mean... I couldn't just ignore it. (I know you're with me on this one!)
There it was the perfect houndstooth little black&white soft thing.

One second later: big disappointment!
What is this, Ms. Juicy Couture, to put the houndstooth inside and leave the outside with the "wrong side" of the houndstooth, with just a little "right side" on the pockets?

Nope: so wrong. (In picture doesn't look nearly as bad as it is in real life)

But this sweater came home with me.

The original idea was to work my eyes off with my seam-ripper and sew it back with the houndstooth on the front as it is supposed to be.
But: reality check...

Pockets came off right away (and I'm not sewing them back on the right side, I believe could be used on something else, maybe to hide a hole??), and when I started to open the seams on the side, it took me about 20 minute for less than one inch.

You know what this mean? 
I will wear it with the exposed seams. 
At the end, I just stitched the buttons on the right side of the houndstooth.
Note to the designers: 
it is called RIGHT side and WRONG side for a reason.
if you do something, do it RIGHT.
Got it??

Long story short: this was a very small project.
A shorter hem, adding a small trim, changing buttons, ... wearing inside-out: these are all very small projects that can bring a new life to something that would not be appealing otherwise.

xox, d.

Monday, December 26, 2011

inspiration from the past

A whole day at the British Museum, 
being fascinated about how darn good 
these ancient civilization were.

these are some of my favorite pieces of jewelry 
...made with passion with only rudimentary tools.

...because pictures are worth a thousand words...

xox, d.

Friday, December 23, 2011

london in pills

Despite the fact that I'm a summer creature, 
London is probably my favorite city of all times.

But nothing is perfect... one thing I would like to object:
If the British would drive on the RIGHT side of the street, by now they would have probably saved enough money in gallons of paint to save their budgets.
...just saying!!

I hope you enjoy my video attempt at the Westminster Abbey, 
and some random pictures!

xox, d.

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

power of making

Today: at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London:
my kind of exhibition:

It's a standing ovation to everything handmade, DIY, craft, and to the fine minds who "have figured it out".
Exhibition will be open until January, 2nd 2012

Loved every single piece there.
I snapped few pictures, told by security that I should not do that, bought the book (which, of course doesn't have pretty pictures of everything.)
Note to the exhibition organizers: if you don't allow visitors to take pictures:... fine. 
But do make a book that has high quality pictures of every-single-piece. 
Otherwise it's like CHEATING. 
Got the message?

Anyway, here's the introduction museum's video:

Power of Making from Victoria and Albert Museum on Vimeo.

Being a knitter, my eyes immediately got fascinated by Sandra Backlund's "knitted dress".

... next on my wish list: a 3D printer!

pictures from V&A 

xox, d.

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

UGG Art & Sole 2011

By now you all have heard of
 UGG Art & Sole 2011 contest
and yes, I'm in!

UGG Australia is giving fans a chance to design their own boots (to be sold in store) all for a good cause.
The winning design will be produced and sold online and in stores across America in 2012. A portion of the proceeds donated to "The Boys and Girls Clubs of America".

Finally, after struggling with paint programs and applications. I made it.
I don't know if I submitted it right or what.
(You know I'm not that geeky.)
But I think I came up with something fashionable, and pretty.

This is a brief explanation of my design:

I picked a neutral sand color and added a contrast dark teal cap toe and heel which gives a rather Oxford look to the boots.
Also, around the cap toe line, the heel and the side seams, I added round aluminum color flat studs.
The studs around the cap toe and the heel are 3 mm diameter, while the studs on the side seams are  5 mm diameter.

Do you like it?

Voting will start on Dec 26th.
I'll let you know where and how to vote for me!!! :)

xox, d.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

crochet: a chain-link scarf

Do you know what happens when 
a {mostly} knitter meets a crochet extraordinaire?
... she gets hooked, 

This is what I crocheted:
a shade of greens chain-link scarf.

Crochet extraordinaire, A.K.A. Andrée, 
came up with a crochet contest
Three stitches to pick from, and something to make that could be:
 a pillow, a pair of fingerless gloves, or a shawl or scarf.

... pillow I don't need;
fingerless gloves I don't wear (only "finger-with");
... but I love, wear and crave many scarves: deal!

The stitch I picked from the available choices is the first one: 
{chain multiples of 15 + 2:
  • row 1. 1 in the 3rd ch from hook, 1 ch, *sk 1 ch, 1 in the next ch, 1 ch*, repeat between * * till end of row, end with 1 in the last ch, make 2 ch, turn
  • row 2. 1 into the first 1 ch space, 1 ch, *1 in the next 1 ch space, 1 ch*, repeat between * * till end of row, end with 1 into the top of turning ch, 2 ch, turn
  • row 3 and further. repeat row 2 }

I like the way the interchanging of colors make it looks always different, depending of how many rows you crochet with a different color. 
All these combinations came up using 4 different yarn in different shades of green. 
I used a maximum of two colors in each link.
... And connected in random order.


WOOL: {The yarn I had were all pretty much the same size}
* olive green is alpaca (used doubled)
* dark green is sport wool
* mélange light green is merino wool
* other mélange is a chunky hand-spoon wool

(all of these were leftovers of previous project and also used to knit my Frank Tell inspired sweater)

chain 45 stitches, and join with a slip stitch
proceed with the above specified stitch for 10 rows
leave enough yarn for the seam around the link

Crochet the next link attaching it to the previous one, and keep crocheting for 20 links... don't forget that the last one need to be linked to both sides ;)

Once done, your chain-link scarf will look more like a paper garland... but once you'll fold and sew each link, it will look JUST-PERFECT!!

right picture: The Yokoo - collage by moi
I was craving a chain-link scarf every since I saw it on Etsy... but for one reason or another, the idea was left in the "to-do-list"... 

Thanks to Andrée,  finally:
a- I have my chain-link scarf
b- three out of four green yarn are no longer in my stash
c- practicing with crochet made me like crochet {even} more!

xox, d.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

repurposed Christmas ornaments

... Christmas can be:
... and Repurposed 
... and Scented too!!

I made these two small topiary Christmas trees for the powder-room.
... because I needed something that would be "powder-room-appropriate".

When I was a kid I used to collect samples perfume bottles...
(Yes, I still have these. 
No, I NEVER even think of throw them away.
You see? They came out just right for this project,
that should be renamed "VINTAGE perfume bottles Christmas trees"... whatever.)

And because I use a lot of yarn that comes from a sort of a wholesale outlet, I have a lot of cardboard cones.
(Next time I'll go there I promise you, I'm taking pictures. It's a wool/ cotton/ fiber/ yarn paradise.)

The cone you can easily make using a piece of cardboard. 
But with my cones ready to go, my powder room Christmas edition was ready in few minutes.

I cut a piece of white fabric, wrapped and glued around the cones, and had some "quality time" with my glue gun!!! 
One blob of glue and one bottle after the next, my ornaments for the powder-room were ready in 5 minutes!

Killed two birds with one stone: 
repurposed my cones 
and my sample perfume bottles in once!

Have a wonderful and scented Christmas (and green, too) !!!

xox, d.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

DIY leather scales

Repetition, repetition, repetition 
If you want the bold look... 
... repeat. 
Over and over again.

left picture from Outsapop - collage by moi

Inspiration comes from a Jose Castro dress FW 2009.
I don't wear dresses, but I could handle a cardigan!

This is probably the project that was dragged the longest into the HDPP (Half Done Project Pile).
It seriously killed me.

Back to the How-to:

I found at Goodwill a pair of butter soft leather pants brand new, with tag for 15$.

Got them, open all the seams, and draw and cut endless circles in three different sizes.
(approx sequins diameters: large: 2-1/2", medium 1-1/2", small 1-1/16")
And punch a hole in each one.

I also cut two rectangular pieces and sliced every 1/8" until 1/4" to the top to be rolled over the wool-ties and make them into tassels.

Next, get needle and thread and start to sew the circles onto my cardigan.
I started from the bottom going on my way up.
(I covered in leather scales the front and the back, BTW)

...Only to find out that one pair of pants wasn't enough.
Find another pair of soft pants (Ebay, this time), wait for the box to show up at home, and do it all over again.

In case you're curious, yes, you DO get blisters on your hands.
I used a pair of tiny sharp manicure curved scissors to do the cutting, and these are T-I-N-Y!
And they kill your fingers.

And keep sewing: until you can.
Then drop it and let few days go by, because you can't stand that stupid sewing anymore.
And then go back and keep marching, because it's coming out really cool and you can't wait to wear that freaking tie up cardi!!!

End of the story.
It's really finished and I'm going to wear it until it's falling apart. 

xox, d.

Monday, December 5, 2011

{mini} Christmas mantel

This tutorial is so fast and easy, 
if you have a dollhouse you {have} to make it!!!

--> ALL YOU NEED (not very much)

- a longer craft wood stick (mine is just a bit shorter than the mantel)
- few inches of lace
- few inches of ribbon
- scissors
- glue
- sew-on hooks

easy peasy!!!

1* glue the lace onto the edge of the popsicle stick, 
     leaving about 1/4" off the edge 
2* glue the ribbon on top of the popsicle stick and the lace
3* mark on the wrong side, where you want your hooks
4* glue the hooks to the lace (or sew it... I used glue)
5* hang your {mini} stockings!!!!

I made the stockings few years ago, just used some red and white flannel (I cut off two dust bags), then I sew around with a mini-mattress stitch, and hand stitched a snowflake on the red ones and a mini-tree on the white ones!!

xox, d.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

hubby's sweater #1

Need an idea for a man's present?
Every now and then, 
I knit something for my husband.

Sounds pretty normal, I know.
But he is the ultimate picky when it comes to knits.

Doesn't have to be too heavy nor chunky: A.K.A. moi has to knit with small needles.
When it's about hand knits, the collar can't be round 
nor V... and he's not crazy about turtle neck either... 
Uh, and polo collars are good only on summer polo shirts.

What the..???

Result: the hybrid.

Here's hubby playing 
American next top model - men edition!

Bottom line: he loves it! 
...Mission accomplished! ;)

xox, d.

Friday, December 2, 2011

shopping spree

Going back to Italy 
(although will be only temporary)
gave me the alibi chance to have a

Last week I indulged myself in a bit of a cyber-shopping between Amazon and Ebay for craft supplies...

This is what I got:

round studs in silver, gunmetal, turquoise and aqua

 and last but certainly not least:

In other words, be prepared to see these beauties in full action once I'll get to the other side of the Atlantic!!!

xox, d.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

in the mail!

I got a nice surprise in the mail!

My partner Julie@simplyimpressed  sent me 
her present for the handmade gift party!!

Needless to say, I dropped moving boxes and tape to open it right away ;)

Wanna see what is it??
...the box and the note (both hand made and hand stamped!!)

Sorry, pictures are missing some parts... hem... 
I did eat the chocolates and the candy cane immediately.
(a girl need her sugar intake!!!)

and inside... a pretty sun-necklace!!

I believe she made some kind of treatment for the metal washer, but I have no idea how to get that cool look!

check list:
my favorite colors: orange and aqua... check
stars, moon and sun... check
coral and ocean theme? ...check check
jewelry... duh ... check
...and the candies... of course check

thanks Julie!!! I love it!

xox, d.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

it's starting to look a lot like {mini} Christmas

Well it's that time of the year 
when the little people 
decide to put up their Christmas tree and the ornaments...

Unfortunately, the dollhouse is getting wrapped and crated and will be unveiled again... at some point.
But wanted to look "pretty in red" for the last time ;)

The front yard is an explosion of red, white and gold. 
Do you like the mini-Nativity? I love it! 

And the indoor tree is up as well. 
... and the snowman with the big candy cane.

I made the snowman few years ago, with crayola clay and toothpicks and dress him up with a red scarf and a pom-pom hat ;)

To give the "snow" effect to the clay, once dried, I used some tacky glue and rolled "Frosty" into some sand. 

And then painted ... I used a Dollar Store nail polish in pearl white!!

Do you like the mantel with the mini-stockings ?

... I have a mini-tutorial coming up for you! 

xox, d.

Monday, November 28, 2011

it's a keeper

I'm not a hoarder (but it's a closed call)
but I have hard time getting rid of old clothes.

That's correct: there is a FULL BOX
of clothes in need of a remake.

I've seen numbers of episodes of "mission organization" and I know that the basic rule of the thumb to get rid of something is:

Well, now I'm about to explain the many reasons why this rule doesn't work for me...
(call it: ALIBI)

1- if the fabric is a good quality, it's a KEEPER
2- if it doesn't fit anymore, but has refashioning potentials, it's a KEEPER
3- if it has sentimental value, it's a KEEPER (maybe with a refashion, too)

Reality is, there is a full box of potential here!

As soon as the container will arrive into port, I'll have my sewing machine plugged and ready to purr on these clothes!

Stay tuned!!!

xox, d.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

DIY packing tips: ties

Husband loves his ties.
He loves his ties A LOT. 
And he owns A LOT of them.

I'll show you how to pack ties in a way that:

a - ties won't get ruined during the move
b - you won't have so much trouble having to press all of these once you open that box.

Follow this step-by-step tutee!!

By folding one bag into the other, you won't have any hard crease on the ties and they will be ready to wear without any further care!

xox, d.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

DIY packing tips: jewelry

Jewelry is coming with me in my carry on,
therefore I want to have it packed in an easy, 
secure and as less bulky as possible way.

Do you want to see what's inside?

I found the quintessential jewelry organizer. 
It's actually a Dollar Store weekly pill organizer. 

I used it several times stuffed with few different pills in each slot.
I took the labels off and erased the prints with nail polish remover.
It's unbelievable the amount of rings, earrings, cufflinks, thin chains, pendants 
that you can stuff into a such a little box! 
Really, you need to try it to believe it!
(I pat myself on the shoulder for having such a cool idea!)

For the bulkiest pieces, I used some tie up bags and a jewelry roll.
All of this will be able to fit in a ziplock bag, and best of all,
once in Italy, I won't have to open a magillion baggies.

xox, d.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

DIY packing tips: beads and findings

Since I'm packing, might as well share with you some of my 
"packing tricks". 
My s-kids call me "the packing pro".

This move will go overseas, and I know I will be in pain until 
the moment I'll see my stuff on my door-steps in Italy.

Being the control freak that I am, I would love to maneuver the boat with my container on.
(ahah! can you picture that in your mind????!!! LOL!) 
Because the above isn't an option, the only thing I can do is:
... pack carefully.

This is how I'm packing my beads and findings.

I hope this is helpful
in case you have a move in your future, 
or if you want to take with you some crafting supplies for a vacation... 

See you in Italy, pretty beads!!

xox, d.
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